Industry Solutions

Induction – Employee duties are performed in an effective manner

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Companies can seamlessly onboard employees from a human resources and operational perspective. Bworkfow manages the process, ensuring employees read and acknowledge key documentation and follow an organisations key policies & procedures. The product is also used to align contract staff to various processes and areas of compliance. Bworkfow reduces administration costs and Management time as process workflow software and procedures are managed via exception rather than through constant follow up.

Incident – Provide a safe and compliant workplace for all employees

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An organisation can accurately record critical information regarding incidents including time, date stamping together with ‘Geolocation’ information. Incidents can then be managed automatically through follow up and escalation processes. Incident forms, processes and work fows can easily be confgured using our scripting language ‘Lingo’.

Compliance – Minimise risk in your organisation

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Bworkfow as workflow software can minimise risk within an organisation using a framework for organisational improvements and compliance. Alerting functionality can highlight to Managers when compliance and procedures are outside of acceptable tolerance levels. Bworkfow can also assist in keeping employee behaviour aligned with key organisational strategy. All of the information collated can be displayed via tailored dashboards to various levels within an organisation – Within Bworkfow security and user group functionality can be defned.